Continue straight ahead.


I know that you feel helpless.

I managed to acquire two tickets for the concert.

Christian is buried in Boston.


There's a lot of greenery in Tokyo Midtown!

I'm short of money.

History is repeating itself.

I'll do anything you wish.

I'm just taking my time.

It's time to pay up all your debts and close out your loan.

It might be important.

I thought the food was too greasy.

Lui teaches history at the high school across the street.


Do not try to imitate her.


Do we need to watch out for tigers around here?


Come back to bed, Honey.

She declared him to be dishonest.

Doug is a bit tipsy.

This file is encrypted.

She seemed really nervous.

My father recently quit smoking.

He made a speech that supported my opinions.

I listened but couldn't make out what they were saying.

You'd probably really enjoy this book.

I am not from India.

This is not fun.

What made her do such a thing?

"My father doesn't drink." "Neither does my father."

The better cooked the meat is, the quicker its digestion.

Do you think Elric still has many friends left in Boston?

Giles doesn't need anything.

Petr could do nothing but watch.

My apartment is messy and cluttered.

I'll tell you one thing: I wouldn't like to have his job.

What can go wrong?

Was this letter written by Morris?

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Panacea drank a lot at the party.

The magician made the young lady float into the air.

I felt terrified.

I saw her a few minutes ago.

He lost count.

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Nils pleaded with Jim not to leave.

Samir is missing a finger.

The rain prevented me from going out.


Andrea left town three weeks ago.

I shouldn't have told Gerard how I felt about him.

What makes you think I'm going to follow Larry?

The noise is getting louder and louder.

There is an obvious distinction between the good and the best.

Ronni, please restrain yourself.

You must be flexible in your thinking.

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Please forgive me for forgetting to call you.

I can see a man and a woman.

Whichever highway you decide on, it will be crowded with cars and trucks.

Sophie was so hungry that she ate everything that she could get her hands on.

The management said that a wage increase was out of the question.

Our teacher permitted us to use a dictionary during the test.

They're inquisitive.


Can he speak French?


Then, please give him this note. This is urgent.

I am no match for boredom.

You're better off without me.

It was definitely different.

The vacation came to an end all too soon.

We were under constant surveillance.

Maybe it was them.

If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't their light continually light up the entire sky?

If anyone has any problems, tell them to call me.


Tell them what you want to do.

At least let me help carrying the table for you.

Zelda, everyone is under attack by the evil forces of the birds! I'm going to Gamelon to attack. If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link.


Why haven't you told your parents about us?


He has an attitude problem.

This is for us.

What he said was brief and to the point.

What are your qualifications?

Do it while you still can.


Practical utility and artistic beauty combine to make a comfortable house to live in.

Apply a bandage.

The heart must be in harmony and calm; only then does it find joy.

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We read novels.

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For decades scientists warned that the accelerating sea level rise would eventually put coastlines in many countries at risk.

She leads a life of ease in the country.

Do you think Laurianne will come?

Richard was sitting at his desk the last time I saw him.

In Chinese, 'dumpling' and 'first exchange' are homophones, so they have a rich cultural association.

Not a soul was to be seen.

I really wish you hadn't done that.


Thanks for the invitation.

Why would I help him?

I came upon a rare stamp at that store.


Yumi keeps getting better at Korean.


Water has zero calories.

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I thought you guys were my friends.

I'm not going to drag their luggage around.

Raja apparently thought Brenda would be here.

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Ernie is probably with Tobias right now.

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All of a sudden, we heard the sharp cry of a cat.

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By the way, are you free tonight?

I telephoned him to come at once.

Since you made a mistake in your project, you have to start over from scratch.

He'll be here around four o'clock.

Mongo was dirty and stank to high heaven.

Tovah really doesn't like you.

How long do you think it'll take until the pain is totally gone?


The dog is running after the squirrel.


The man got up and smoked.


Brodie didn't do any work.

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Pierette is being stubborn.


Do you know which one is the real one?

She wrote a book about the visitors.

He advised me not to smoke.

Haruyo steeled herself to tell Akiyoshi that she wanted to stop dating him.

How many times has Japan hosted the Olympics?

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Several pedestrians were slightly wounded.

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I need Bobby now.

The light went out and we were left in the dark.

She is not my sister but my mother.

The actress seems to have walked through her part.

Trying left an envelope on your desk.


The colors are vivid.

Man modifies to his needs what nature produces.

How did you like Singapore?

They presented the singer with a bouquet of roses.

Did you get Chet's message?

He has a good school record.

I'm not your slave!

Just give it time.

Don't blame this on us.

I don't think we've actually met.

You have every right to be angry.

If you want to do that, I'm not going to try and stop you.

Rugs absorb sound.

Every man must die.

I sleep naked.

When will uncle come from Vijayawada?

Lloyd majored in child psychology.


We've an obligation to try.


She was a Smith before she got married.

Movie making is an exciting job.

Jayant cracked up.

Indeed, that place does appear to be far from here.

Taking unnecessary risks is pushing your luck!


I haven't the faintest idea what you mean.


I happened to run into her.

I will accept the work, provided that you help me.

Don't tell anyone I'm here.


I can't let them leave before the watch is fixed.

I can't see without my glasses.

She prides herself on her skill in cooking.


That exercise is good for the abdominal muscles.

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Promise me you won't do that.


Why must we do it?


The city was taken by the English in 1664.

It's a no parking area here.

You need to go now.

I asked Ti to sing that song he used to always sing.

It is high time we said good-bye.